Old Fashioned Wood Working Tools


Old Fashioned Wood Working Tools

Old fashioned hand tools still have their place and are still used in our modern society. When I took wood shop in high school our teacher made sure that we were efficient in using old fashioned hand tools. It was an important skill to learn and one that I still use to this day. Even with all the fancy modern tools we have today, some still can’t hold a candle to some of the tools of the past. Bellow are a list of old fashioned tools that still have a place in the modern era.

Bill Hook: A bill hook I ideal clearing brush in a hurry and delimbing branches.(click here to buy)


Adze Hoe: The Adze Hoe dates back to the stone age and it still used to this day. An Adze Hoe is similar to an axe, except that the blade is perpendicular to the handle. They are most popularly used for carving wood, and by woodland firefighters.(click here to buy) 


Rabbet Plane: Every wood working shop I have ever been in has a set of Rabbet Planes. They have been used for centuries and are still used with frequency today. A Rabbet Plane is used to shave wood for the purposes of either shaping or smoothing it.(click here to buy)


Wood Chisel: Wood chisels might be from the past, but they are still in wide use today by wood workers and handymen. They are used to chop out corners, groves, and to shave wood.(click here to buy)


Grafting Froe Knife: As with many knives a Grafting Froe Knife can be used for a variety of uses. They are most commonly used for cutting into trees or shrubs for the purpose of introducing a new grafted limb. This is popularly done by orchardists who want to grow multiple varieties of a given fruit on one tree. For example, different kinds of apples on one apple tree.

Brass Plumb: A “Plumb” is used as a level to indicate a perfectly vertical line. In short, a plumb bob is the equivalent of a level and has been used by carpenters and masons for centuries and are still in use today.(click here to buy)


Auger Bit Brace: An auger bit brace is used to to drill holes in wood. Unlike power drills they will last  lifetime and can often make a cleaner hole.(click here to buy)


Drawknife: A Draw Knife generally consists of a blade with two handles with one on either side. A draw knife is generally used for shaping wood by taking off thin shavings of wood.(Click here to buy)


Crook knife: A Crook Knife is a knife that have a thick curved blade that is used for hollowing out wood of the purpose of making groves, bowls, masks, and  myriad of other uses.(Click here to buy)


Whittlers Jack: As the name suggests a whittlers jack is used to whittling and making small cuts and groves in wood. They are usually made up of a large handle with a comparatively small blade resulting in good control when making precise cuts.(Click here to buy)


Nail Set: A nail set is a short peace of metal that comes down to a point. They are used to pound in nails in order to either make them flush with the wood or slightly bellow the surface.(Click here to buy)


Spokeshave:  A Spokeshave is a tool used to shape smooth wood with curved edges such as chair legs, handles, and wooden paddles. As the name suggests they were most commonly used for making wagon wheel spokes.(Click here to buy)




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