My homesteading great-great-grandfather’s journal


Homestead Journal 1908

Below are scanned images from a book that was made by my grand-uncle from the pages of my great-great-grandfathers journal. My great-great-gandfather Benton decided to leave his life as an East Coast banker and head out West to start an orchard. He would eventually end up settling in Hood River Oregon, where he would become one of the largest landowners. The journal follows his travels and thought process from the moment he quits the bank, through his travelsĀ in Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Oregon. You can watch his remarkably short transformation from being a banker to a successful orchardist.

Benton was incredibly analytical and wrote down everything. He recorded every cent he spent along with every person he met. He also made sure to write diagrams of building such as chickencoops and greenhouses along the way. Besides perhaps being of some historical value, I think his writings and ideas may be of some benefit to modern homesteaders.

The book is rather long and I will be updating this post every week with new material from his journal.


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