How to make essential oils

A still can be used for many things. You can distill alcohol for either fuel or drink, as well as  distill water. Another common use for stills is in the manufacturing of essential oils. Essential oils can be used for cleaning around the house. Essential oils can also be used for various medicinal purposes, as well as for scenting homemade soaps and other products. They are also notably used in perfumes and colognes.

Making essential oils is a rather simple task. You simply begin by putting several inches of water into your still. You will then want to put a metal screen into the bottom of the still in order to keep your plant matter on top of (rather than in) the water below. As the water heats up, the steam will rise up through your plant material. As the steam rises through the plant matter, it will capture and carry out the essential oils.

Once the steam reaches the condenser, it will cool and revert back to its liquid form before exiting the still. It is of the utmost importance that steam does not escape from your still. The more steam that escapes, the more oils you will lose. You will want to collect your oils in a small glass jar. The oil will quickly separate from the water and rise to the surface where it may be skimmed off. You may choose to use a separatorey funnel. This is simply a glass funnel with small lever that is used to control the amount of liquid that comes out of the funnel. This allows one to more accurately separate the oils that reside on top of the water.


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